Mandolin Fret Wire For Your Mandolin

Choosing a fret wire for your mandolin is just as easy as finding a fret wire for a guitar. A mandolin too relies on frets to produce good notes in the song you play. Although the size of a mandolin may differ from that of a guitar, a mandolin fret wire can still fit in a guitar. The number of slots to fit the wires may however differ. You should thus get your mandolin the right size of wires so that they fit exactly. Loose fitting wires come off easily and your fingers slide off easily from the wires any time you want to play. This reduces your speed of play as well as the intonation of the tune in play.

A mandolin fret wire can be made from different materials like copper and steel. Many manufacturers prefer stainless steel because it lasts longer. Its robust nature allows a bent free installation and assures you longevity even if you are an aggressive player. A fret wire especially a mandolin fret wire can be found in many sizes. This is due to the size of a mandolin and again finger sizes differ. A tall fret wire has the advantage of a deep grasp in the instruments fingerboard. People with long fingers prefer medium and small fret wires. Short wires have a wide surface area to offer good finger rest when playing the instrument.

Getting a lasting mandolin fret wire will see your mandolin last a lifetime. Constant changing of a fret wire or wires enlarges the fret holes and with time no wire can fit the holes. An over drilled fingerboard is neither appealing to the eye. Your mandolin should therefore maintain its elegance but only with the right mandolin wire. Not any fret wire fits your instrument. Forcing a wire in to a shallow hole is not recommended. A hard use of energy when driving the wires in can easily spoil the fingerboard. Some mandolins may come with their own installation tools. You can also check them out in music shops that stock these instruments.

A mandolin fret wire is important for a good play. You should therefore take care of this fret wire in and out of play. Non- stainless steel fret wire or wires should not be exposed to moisture, as they are prone to the risk of rusting. Getting a mandolin fret wire from stainless steel may however save you this misfortune. It is always good to replace the wires, as they will wear out with time.

 A fret wire for a guitar or a mandolin fret wire can be replaced without the hassle of buying a new instrument. Some music instrument stockiest may have spare parts for these instruments to save your budget. Ensure you take care of the fret wire you are installing by using oil so that t it slides in the hole easily. Always remember that your mandolin fret wire is the determinant of a perfect tone, check on its stability and any signs of wearing out.

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